DSDPlus 2.71 Released

DSDPlus 2.71 Released
Well the new version of DSDPlus was released tonight for Christmas!

Still no P25 Phase 2!

The rest of it looks amazing you may need to find a new .dll file if you do not have it installed. I will supply a link to the .dll at the bottom of the post.

Read the directions DSDPlus.txt

Read the directions DSDPlus.txt

Directly from the DSDPlus.txt file


DSD+ will auto-populate this file with every radio ID that is seen.
You can edit this file while DSD+ is running and add names/aliases to
radio records. This file replaces the DSDPlus.aliases file; if you
already have a large aliases file, you can use a text editor's
search/replace functionality to convert the contents of your aliases file
to match the format used in the radios file.

Radio aliases are auto-generated on NEXEDGE systems. DSD+ marks auto-generated
NEXEDGE radio aliases in the DSDPlus.radios file by prepending an asterisk like so:

NEXEDGE, ... yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm, *"aliastext"

If you edit a NEXEDGE alias, you must remove the asterisk; this tells DSD+ that
the new alias text is NOT auto-generated and DSD+ will not replace it with OTA alias text.

DSDPlus version 2.39 which is a FastLane release

DSDPlus version 2.39 which is a FastLane release
Hello everyone,  can someone tell me or can i buy DSD version 2.39 ?

Believe you are asking about DSDPlus version 2.39 which is a FastLane release.
Here are the instructions -

DSD+ error message

Just installed DSD+ and dropped the lame_enc.dll into the directory. However, here's what I get:

"The procedure entry point beEncodeChunk could not be located in the dynamic link library ...\DSDPlus1\DSDPlus.exe."

Any ideas as to what might be causing this error? (And, yes, I shortened my path with "..." in the about error message quote, if it's relevant)

I figured I'd give DSD+ a try again but I had issues about a year ago and just stuck with the plain old DSD. It looks like it has some nice features, so I'd finally like to get with the times but I'm stuck.

DMR Decoding with DSDPlus

DMR Decoding with DSDPlus

In this simple guide to setting up DSD, I show what you will need, and how to get started, along with a few other bits of useful information that I'm sure will come in handy when listening to digital voice. I also show some MOTOTRBO going through a repeater, and listening on the repeaters input channel.

Digital Speech Decoder - How to record to file - TRBO, P25, NXDN

Digital Speech Decoder - How to record to file - TRBO, P25, NXDN

dsd 1.7 for windows compiling from linux to Windows

Can somebody please make a YouTube video on this process….I barely know how to use Linux. Now you want me to run a compile program?? Step 1 and 2 were easy. Steps 3 through 8 need a hell of a lot more detail for the average user.  so please spare me a few brain cells and I only started learning about the linux OS because of the Pi.

make the compiled exe available for download

You can use cmake and make to compile the dsd.exe:
install libsndfile-devel, make, cmake and cpp in cygwin, extract both archives and then goto mbelib dir and type:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install

New Version of Digital Speech Decoder DSD+ 1.071 - dsd 1.7 file list

My setup:
Windows XP
SDRsharp SDR v1.0.0.1317
Audio VOICEMEETER (Virtual Mixing Console)

Need help for compile dsd 1.7
Error on DSD-Master/build cmake ..