Digital Speech Decoder DSD Downloads

Digital Speech Decoder DSD Downloads

install cgywin also as shown here ?

DSD 1.7
dsd 1.7 for my windows 7

– The list of the required DLLs to make it work are these:
– It is needed to load sndfile library (already prebuilt in Cygwin).
– It needs MBE, but also the ITPP libraries.

here is the another link to I hope it is work!Ft9WFbgQ!sOhsUeMC83Xi5Wxjr4eEPoc0WuM0cJOM2bq9DnE4dWE

DSD 1.7.0  -  (checked live 05-2017)!jJZRALrb!NylT4jmZIBwCyZqU05EaX8wqObxuaqeTzCD8hHP5gO8
DSD 1.7.0 (v1.6.0-86-g7ee04e5) with mbelib (1.3.0) for Wn x86 + DLLs:!jJZRALrb!NylT4jmZIBwCyZqU05EaX8wqObxuaqeTzCD8hHP5gO8 
… #SDR