DSDplus Trunking Setup 1.08t

DSDplus Trunking Setup 1.08t

This is how to install DSDplus to do trunking using version 1.08t available from the fast lane early access.

Some note from the maker of DSDplus:
FMP and DSD+ audio device numbers are "different" because FMP uses output devices and you were looking at DSD+ input devices (which is correct when linking to FMP/SDR#); in/out numbers can be different because you might have different devices, like an extra input or output device, which can shift all of the following devices numbers.

Also, if you make a device the default in or out device, it becomes in or out device #1 (IIRC), which again, shifts the other device numbers.

Network and site names have to be manually added to the DSDPlus.networks and DSDPlus.sites files. Systems do not broadcast these names.

When trunk voice following, the four FMP/DSD+ console windows ("DOS windows") do not provide much useful information; they can be minimized (by clicking minimize button in upper right corner of window)

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